Terms & Conditions


At The Art Station, we ensure that all our guests have a fantastic experience, but we would like to lay out some terms and conditions to be clear about our services:


Events, Private Parties, & Sessions:

  • While there are no refunds, our guests will be given a credit towards an event/private party or class.
  • The credit card used to hold your seat will only be charged for no shows or if cancellation is NOT done 24 hours before the event. For private parties/events, credit rards will be charged a cancellation fee, if cancellation is not done seven (7) days prior to your scheduled event/party. See cancellation policy under Private Parties
  • There are no refunds on Gift Certificates...
  • We want our guests to have a great experience and want to share this experience with others. At the end of each event, photos will be taken and posted to our social media sites and are used in our promotional events. If you do not wish to be in our class photos you are welcome to step aside or use your canvas to cover your face during the group photos. However, we are certain that you would like everyone to know you painted a masterpiece, but it's your choice.

Private Parties:

  • Private parties can only be held for 15 children minimum. If you have less than 15 children and would still like to book the private party room, the cost of the event will be raised to account for 15 children. For pricing information, please visit our Parties page!
  • All children at the party will be counted, even if they are not participating in painting or activity of the party (this excludes toddlers under 12 months)
  • If an adult participates in a craft, there will be an additional charge for that craft.
  • If the party runs for longer than the agreed time (1.5 hours for local package and 2 hours for express package), you will be charged an additional $50 per half hour (ONLY if this time is available-->if there is a party after yours, then unfortunately the party must end!).

Merchandise Return Policy:

  • We offer refunds within 7 days of purchase with original receipt.
  • Refunds without a receipt or after 7 days will be issued as a store credit.
  • Exchanges permitted within 30 days of purchase
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