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Art Studio Brooklyn NY - DIY Canvas

So what is Art Studio Brooklyn NY - DIY Canvas? Well simple, it is our collection of paintings ready to go for you. Come in, pick the canvas/board and painting that you want to do, and we will supply you with all the materials you need. Like your own Art Studio right in Brooklyn, NY. Plus some assistance when needed to help make your time here more enjoyable. This concept is for EVERYONE! Young or old, regardless of experience--come as you are! We even clean your mess! Think of The Art Station as a studio rental place that comes with everything you need!

Another nice bonus to the Art Studio Brooklyn NY - DIY Canvas idea is that it is not just our 12x16 or 16x20 canvases. You can pick from a selection of canvases that we have in store.

If you got to this point, you are interested. So the next question is probably how much? For that we have the prices with the  sizes listed.

**Price of Canvas **PLUS $25 for all supplies we provide (apron, brushes, paint choices on palette, easel, and more)** Plus Tax** for two hours, afterwards additional fee of $10**


The Art Station is now also offering to all people interested, rental service of our supplies and store space. If your a teacher or camp organizer call us up at 718-645-4545 and find out how we can help you to run a workshop or special course at our location.


We are not just an Art Studio Brooklyn NY ! We are an art center and offer many other fun activities and services such as painting plaster, wood, and mosaic, in house custom and ready made frames, party place for toddlers, kids, and adults, and our newest concept of Art Studio - DIY canvas- in which you can come in anytime, as you are, use our paints, canvas, and space to create art freely! Just pay a $25 for all materials we supply as well as price of the canvas, canvas panel, wooden canvas, watercolor paper, anything that you choose to paint on, enjoy the artistic atmosphere while you create your own masterpiece with no time limit. We host amazing painting party and painting classes for kids and adults. Finally, for art teachers and artists! We have a rental space available for courses and workshops!

  • Access to our backroom area for you to use as a semi-private studio to do your work in
  • A place to bring your clients to show your work
  • Company functions or meeting area
  • An area to use for teaching others
  • Also usable for such events as....

*Bridal/Baby Showers
*Networking Events *Book Signings
*Birthday Celebrations *Music Events
*Corporate Events *Fundraisers *Photo Shoots *Dinner/Anniversary Celebrations
*Listening Events

Along with all of this you also gain access to the Art Station's marketing and community outreach. Which helps to expose you to an even larger audience. Call us up and find out more about our new studio & gallery rental offerings! 718 645 4545

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