• PAINT OUR PLASTER SCULPTURES AT HOME! Call ahead and we can set up a craft kit to pick up. They start at $20+Tax and include a plaster sculpture, paints, a brush, and smock/apron. We will deliver if the order is over $100.

Join us for Plaster Painting in Brooklyn NY!


The plaster painting area at the Art Station can be seen right when you enter our store! We offer an entire array of fun pieces to paint from animal or character plaques, to functional wall art such as frames, candlesticks and jewelry boxes!

Plaster Painting at the Art Station - $20, $22, and $24
plaster paintingMost importantly, we offer many craft activities other than plaster painting;  our "Craft Creation" area offers many other activities like painting unfinished wood items (boats, cars, napkin/tissue boxes, keepsake boxes, etc.), creating mosaic masterpieces, painting on both blank and pre-drawn canvases for you to create art on your own! Plaster painting and crafts creations are both suitable for all ages from 1-99! We have the most relaxing atmosphere for the creation of art (we are always playing an American art form of jazz in our store). No reservation necessary! Just walk in any time from 10 am to 7 pm on Sun-Thurs. Fridays from 10 am to 4 pm (closed on Saturday)

One craft and one price  includes all you need to walk out with a unique work of art; there is no seating fee, and no time limit. Once you are finished with your masterpiece, we seal your work and it is ready to take home with you instantly--no need to come back and pick up your item!!


Our newest concept in the crafts creation section of store is DIY (do-it-yourself) canvas in which you can use our paints, canvas, and space to create art freely ! Just pay $25 as well as price of the canvas and enjoy the artistic atmosphere while you create your own masterpiece. Two hour limit, with small hourly fee after that! Check out our artist studio DIY canvas page

For further details on school camp trips, please click here!


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