Buy Now, Pick Up Later!

Purchase all artwork here or come into our store and see them for yourself! At the moment we only offer in-store pick up. Feel free to call with questions about a specific piece – 718-645-4545

As the value of art will never fade, we encourage you to invest in beautiful artwork by coming to our store and finding the perfect masterpiece for your home or for a loved one! With our art sales We will routinely display the work of local artists to be replaced monthly in order to spread art and enable you to purchase handmade artwork from paintings to sculptures available to be seen whenever you walk into our store. If you have interest in a piece, all you need do is give us a call at 718-645-4545.

We invite any local artist to participate in the Art Sales program at the Art Station! please give us a call for details on how you can sell your piece with us! We also encourage art teachers to contact us as well!

New art work in your home may be a piece that you need to tie your room together.  Unique art work ranging from acrylic, to oil, to watercolors create a new atmosphere and are excellent conversation start ups.  People are attracted to various artworks for many different reasons, some of which may be personal to the individual, other times the owner appreciates on small detail in a larger image.

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