Stretched Canvases and Framing in Brooklyn

Hand Stretched Canvases and Art

The Art Station will stretch your painting on canvas with care and precision.

stretch art at the art station

Do you have a painting rolled up in the corner of your basesment? Now is the time to stretch that canvas into a memorable and beautiful object at the Art Station!

Your painting may also benefit from some framing. Please check out our Framing Department or give us call with an questions.

If you want to make the art in your collection, it must be taken care of. Leaving art unstretched can lead to cracking in the paint. It can also leave the work more susceptible to accidental damage like spills and tears.

We also have premade stretched canvases for you to purchase if you want to make a painting of your own. If we don’t have it pre-made, we will gladly build you a canvas to your exact specifications.


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