Magen David Yeshiva’s Trip to the Art Station

We had a fantastic time host the school trip of the young women from Magen David Yeshiva this last Thursday. They were taught how to paint a beautiful beach landscape.

If you would like to bring your school, camp, or non-profit organization to the Art Station please click this link for more details.

The Art Station also teaches two hour Painting Classes on 12” x 16” canvases for ages 5 and up! $18 per student (Click Here For Details)  

Camps and schools can come to our store. At the end of every class, each student walks out with a beautiful masterpiece of their own for the price of $18 per child.

They will learn about mixing colors and various brush and painting techniques. The class walks the children through the painting process from start to finish with step-by-step instruction. 

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