Ideas for Painting Party

Ideas for Painting Party.

Ideas for a painting party - Art Station

Every painting party is different. That’s because no two people paint the same way, and that’s what makes them so fun! Here are some ideas for painting party to get you started.

  1.  Find a location that will work for your group. It can be a local art studio, your home, or even a park if the weather is nice!
  2. Set up a theme for the party. You can have everyone paint with watercolors or acrylics or have everyone bring their own supplies and do whatever they want!
  3. Get your supplies ready ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about it when guests arrive.
  4. Provide snacks and drinks to help get people in the mood for painting!

Finding a location for a paint party.

ideas for a Painting Studio for you painting party - Art Station

When looking for a location for your paint party, you must consider a few things. What is the size of your group? Is there enough space to accommodate all of the guests? Is it easy to get to?

Of course, if it’s manageable, you could always consider your own home. Keep in mind, painting can be very messy practice and you will want to make sure the area is set up for any accidents.

A perfect place for a paint party can be found in an rent by the hour art studio. These spaces are usually large and have plenty of room for everyone. We have our own private space for rent. Contact us for details if you are interested.

Some people may want to consider renting an outdoor space if the weather permits. Many city parks have covered areas that can be rented by the hour or by the day. You will want to be sure that they have water access for clean up and hand washing.

Setting a theme for your paint party

Rainbow Heat Shape - Art Station

You can create a painting party around any theme you want! It’s fun if you can build a theme for your painting party. You can choose to go with a color themed paint party, or you could make it about shapes, or even about animals. You could also go with an pop art theme.

Themes are great because they help people get into the mood of the event and to have more fun.

If you need some inspiration, look at the paintings we use in our classes.

What painting supplies do you need for your painting party?

art supply Brooklyn

Painting parties are a great way to get out of the house and be social, while also doing something creative. The supplies you need will depend on what type of painting party you are hosting.

When you are hosting a canvas painting party, then you will need a canvas for each participant, acrylic paint in various colors, easels with a table for them to stand on, brushes in various sizes and shapes, palettes for mixing paints, and aprons to protect clothing from stains. You may also want to buy some sponges for paint textures.

We definitely recommend acrylic paint. It dries quickly, is relatively easy to use compared to other paint varieties, the colors are very bright, and is often non-toxic.

If you live in Brooklyn, stop by our store and pick up all of your art supplies at once!

Snacks and drinks to help get people in the mood for painting!

palette cupcakes

The perfect art party is a combination of a couple of things: a fun, creative atmosphere and delicious snacks. Here are some ideas for both!

  • Try painting on the snacks. Create different designs with icing, whipped cream, or chocolate sauce. Make some edible paintbrushes by dipping pretzel sticks into melted chocolate or frosting.
  • Decorate the table with paper plates and cups in different colors to represent each participant’s favorite color palette.
  • For the adults: try some art themed cocktails.

In conclusion, let muse be your guide and have fun painting.

Making art with friends and family can be a fantastic way to bring everyone together. We hope our ideas for painting party have been useful. You will see the people closest to you make beautiful things. Relax, be patient, eat some snacks, and, most importantly… Have Fun!

If after reading this you still feel a bit overwhelmed, you could always let us take care of your painting party.

If you live in Brooklyn NY, we host private painting parties at our store. All materials and full instruction are provided. Find out more about our private paint parties here.

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