Golden Acrylic Paints and Mediums at the Art Station

Golden Paints and Mediums at the Art Station

We carry a variety of Golden Products at the Art Station!


These acrylic paints are made by GOLDEN. We have seen that Heavy Body paints are known for their exceptionally smooth, buttery consistency. The Heavy Body color line is made from unique pure pigments in an acrylic emulsion available to professional artists. These colors offer excellent permanency and lightfastness.


Gel Mediums offer many ways to build texture.  You can use them to create glazes, extend paint and change finishes. Gels are essentially colorless paint, as they utilize the same 100% acrylic polymers as acrylic paint. Don’t forget Gels are also excellent adhesives for collage and mixed media! They dry with excellent flexibility with chemical, water and UV resistance.

These products are a hallmark of the professional painter. Don’t believe us? Check out this review from

Golden Paints are one of the top-quality artist acrylics available. Rich in color, creamy and smooth in consistency – they’re like an artist’s dream!

Golden Acrylic paint is one of my two favorite acrylic paints (the other being Liquitex). Sure, there are other great brands out of there too, but I started using Golden acrylics in my early days as an art student, so out of habit I look to Golden acrylics whenever I need to buy new colors.”

Our store is full of these and other supplies to choose from.

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