Frames and Matting, Custom Made at the Art Station

Framing and matting your art and prints will make them even more beautiful than they already are!

We recently finished the frames and matting these two beautiful woodcut prints. The owner decided to use our blue, matte moulding (a Roma Moulding product) and a cream Bainbridge matting.


Write us below for a consultation and estimate.

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Selected Value: 3
Measure length of piece to be stretched or framed in inches.
Selected Value: 3
Measure length of piece to be stretched or framed in inches.
Please comment with any additional notes about your piece. (For example: Any known damage? Any special requirements? Any specific time frame it must be completed by?)

Haven’t you considered custom frames and matting before? Find out why you should come to see our supply.

Custom Frames and Matting can add so much value to original art. The color, finish, and style can complement or detract from the quality of the work. At the Art Station, we will help you select the frame that will make your art sing!

A custom frame can be the finishing touch to your art, and it can also be the perfect way to protect it. Frames and matting have been around for centuries, but they are still a highly valued part of the art world.

Beyond the classic black or white frame, there are many fantastic color options and styles to choose. Bainbridge Mats offers a hand-cut matting option that is perfect for framing any size of artwork. It’s also available in various colors and is ready to hang with a wire hanger on the back of your frame.

Come in with your piece today for a free estimate.

For more details on our Framing department, CLICK HERE.

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