Custom Frames at the Art Station! 100’s of frames to choose from!!

Custom Frame Selection

Our custom frames are a point of pride at the Art Station! We hundreds and hundreds of frame mouldings to choose from. These are perfect for commemorating that family photograph or framing your recently finished masterpiece artwork! We carry frame options from such brands as:


Decor Moulding supplies the industries’ broadest and most up-to-date selection of mouldings, frames, ovals, and supplies backed by the largest inventory levels in the United States. All this at industry-leading pricing.

Larson-Juhl –

Larson-Juhl is a manufacturer and distributor of timeless and innovative custom picture frame mouldings. Our designers and manufacturing teams work hand-in-hand to create enduring frame designs in all of the popular home furnishing styles, so our custom framing customers can help clients preserve their treasures and add beauty to their homes. Creativity, inspired.


Studio Moulding is a prominent importer and distributor of fine wood mouldings to the framing industry.


AMCI/Regence is a hybrid of modern day and old world artistry at its best. Our dedicated team of designers, artisans, finishers, and customer service specialists are fully equipped to satisfy the stylistic requirements of the twenty-first century.

All custom frames are made in-house, located in our basement to ensure your items are protected and service is both efficient and convenient for you. Services are given by a professional framing consultant who has been in the business for over 30 years, so please don’t hesitate to come by with any questions or consulting, or just to get a quote with no commitment!!


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