Chinese American Planning Council Painting at the Art Station

Chinese American Planning Council Painting with us was amazing!

It was a great occasion last week when a group from of Chinese American Planning Council children came to visit us! We had an amazing time showing them the joy of painting.

They were very interested in all of the different techniques which we showed them. Thanks to the help of our talented Art Station teachers, we successfully taught 60 excited and eager children. They learned how to make a beautiful acrylic paint sunset landscape.

The Chinese-American Planning Counsel Painting with Art Station The Chinese-American Planning Counsel Painting with Art Station The Chinese-American Planning Counsel Painting with Art Station

The Homecrest neighborhood is home to everyone

The Homecrest Brooklyn area is home to a large Chinese community, and Art Station is proud to serve the local art needs. We have been providing art supplies and services to the neighborhood for several years now, and we are committed to our mission to provide the highest quality art supplies, classes, and custom framing possible for all of you.

The Council is proud to work with the Art Station and we are honored to be their partner! Chinese-American Planning Council has been providing fantastic service to the Chinese-American community for over 50 years and we’re so happy to be able to be part of their efforts.


“Chinese-American Planning Council, Inc.’s mission is to promote social and economic empowerment of Chinese American, immigrant and low-income communities.”

Bring your organization to the Art Station

Give us a call today to set up your trips to our space. If you are an organization, school, or camp, we would love to teach people some painting skills! We are proud to be vendors of the New York City Board of Education. Art Station encourages the spread of art to all.

Call us today (718) 645 – 4545

Your school, summer camp, or organization will explore their creative side by painting plaster or canvas. After the event, in our party room, we offer kids the chance to dance, sing karaoke, and play games if there is any extra time.  In the end, your group will leave with completed works of art to take home and enjoy.

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