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acrylic paint sets art station brooklyn

Trying to start painting? Do you not know where to start? If you’ve never painted before it may be difficult to go to a big box art supply store and know what you need. So what do you do? Come get beginners acrylic paint sets at the Art Station in Brooklyn! We are always ready to walk you through everything with our years of collective experience in order to ensure your success as burgeoning artist!

If you are new to painting, we will help you get everything you need to paint in any medium, but the Art Station recommends beginning with acrylic paint sets by Royal & Langnickel. Here is why:

  • Royal & Langnickel paints are incredibly affordable. If you want to get into painting but are on a budget. You can’t beat the price. The most basic set starts at $8.99, includes 14 colors, and two brushes!
  • Acrylic paints are mostly non-toxic. Unlike other paint like oil, very few toxic chemicals are used.
  • Quick dry times are a benefit of Acrylic paint. This makes repainting and touching up mistakes much easier to correct.

Get started with acrylic paints today! If you really want to use watercolor, oil, or gouache instead of acrylic, Royal & Langnickel also has very cheap sets of these mediums as well!

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