Pour Painting! Start at the Art Station today!

Pour Painting at the Art Station

Get all of your Pour Painting needs filled at the Art Station! We have everything you need to get started on your next adventure in pour paint.

What is Pour Painting?

“Acrylic pouring is a painting technique where acrylic paint is mixed with some type of pouring medium and then poured onto a surface in a variety ways. Sometimes colors are poured directly from individual cups, and other times multiple colors are combined into one cup and poured together.” (from feltmagnet.com)

DecoArt Pouring Medium

DecoArt Pouring Medium is a liquid additive made to improve paint flow.

This medium thins acrylic paint to the perfect viscosity for pouring. It doesn’t sacrifice its adhesive properties or slow the drying time. This pour painting medium won’t crack and is non-yellowing.

DecoArt Clear Pouring Topcoat

Pour the clear top coat over a variety of craft and decor surfaces to create a smooth, high-end finish. Dries to a lacquer-like, high-gloss finish. This one-step formula eliminates the need to mix harsh chemicals and flows into a self-leveling, crystal-clear coat. You can also tint the medium with a water-based acrylic to achieve a transparent tint.

Our store is full of these and other supplies to choose from.

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