Due to COVID-19, we require everyone in the store to WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES. Additionally, we have LIMITED OUR CLASS SIZES in order to accommodate social distancing needs. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL CLASSES. to maintain these standards.

Thank you and stay safe!


Looking to fill that boring blank wall with something else? Try a home business mural custom made to your liking. Do you want to decorate or liven up the walls within your home or business?  Try something different for your empty wall space.  Speak with a mural artist to express your own ideas for a custom personable home business mural.

home business mural

 Add a special limited edition painting as a home business mural. Have your own custom personal mural painting done for you right before your eyes. We are offering at The Art Station a special home business mural painting service. Call us at 718-645-4545 to inquire. Get rid of those white business walls or add a nice decorative pattern to your home dining room ceiling. There is no better way to improve your home or business environment than with a beautiful hand-painted mural. Along with this also comes highly skilled artist and design team, with over 20 years of experience in home and business mural art painting.

Personal Home Business Mural Decorations

Customize your own personal space with a unique individualized painting done right on your walls just for you.  Have some ideas stirring about changes you want to have done to your interior spaces. Contact us with your ideas and have a professional artist render it to your liking, they will execute the final idea on a large scale within your space. Mural paintings are a great center pieces and generate conversations in public areas. Where the hanging picture just won't open up the space the way you want anymore, make it more permanent with a home business mural.  A chance for you to take that same picture and blow it up on your wall.  Perhaps an ornamental design to accent certain architectural features in your room.  The possibilities for a home business mural are almost endless, and end only with your own ideas.

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