Art Supply Brooklyn

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Art Supply Brooklyn NY


Art Supply BrooklynSennelier is one of the worlds best acrylic paints out on the market. The art supplies department of the Art Station is proud to carry it. Offering some of the most vibrant colors and best flowing acrylics available out there. With prices ranging from $8.20 -$14.65

Art Supply Brooklyn

The art supply Brooklyn NY department also carries Sculpey, a world reknound brand. Sculpey is for the aspiring sculptor as it is one of the best oven baked non-hardening clays. Available in various sizes and colors. we also offer a full line of tools. With prices ranging from $2.24 to $12.99.


Art Supply Brooklyn

Windsor&Newton is one of the oldest paint companies in the world. And now with the opening of the new art supplies store in the city, its merchandise has become even more popular. We are currently carrying the oils, acrylic and watercolor paints from them as well as Pre-Stretched canvases, with prices ranging from $3.09 to $64.99

art supply Brooklyn NY

Art Station provides the best high quality art supplies at low prices, right here in Brooklyn!

We offer an extensive assortment of arts and crafts as well as school and office supplies and fine art materials from the leading national brands available today.

Professionals from fields in design, education, therapy, and many more will benefit from our store due to our exceptional quality, value, selection and service.

We have long aisles of anything from painting tools like brushes and canvas to supplies such as notebooks and office equipment.

Ever wonder what to get someone for a special occasion?

Within our art supplies store, we have an excellent gift section for those looking to give the gift of art to a loved one!

Gifts such as do-it-yourself craft kits and canvas and brush sets for beginners and for professional artists allow you to wow the recipient of your gift, no matter their art experience level.

We are not just an art supplies store! We are an art center and offer many other fun activities and services such as painting plaster, wood, and mosaic, in house custom and ready made frames, party place for toddlers, kids, and adults, and our newest concept of Art Studio - DIY canvas- in which you can come in anytime, as you are, use our paints, canvas, and space to create art freely! Just pay a $10 sitting fee as well as price of the canvas, canvas panel, wooden canvas, watercolor paper, anything that you choose to paint on, enjoy the artistic atmosphere while you create your own masterpiece with no time limit. We host amazing painting party and painting classes for kids and adults. Finally, for art teachers and artists! We have a rental space available for courses and workshops!

The Art Station is Brooklyn's one-stop shop for all things art. Remember to ask for 15% off on all art and craft supplies and 20% off on all custom frame work!

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