Stretch Canvas at our Brooklyn store, Art Station!

Stretch Canvas at our Brooklyn store, Art Station!

We will stretch canvases of any size!

If you have recently created or purchased a painting, Art Station will stretch canvas with care and attention to detail. Bring your unstretched painting to our store, 1303 Ave. U, Brooklyn NY, for a free consultation and estimate! Proudly display your art and stop from cracking of time by having it properly stretched!

Get an estimate today

Check all that apply
Selected Value: 3
Measure length of piece to be stretched or framed in inches.
Selected Value: 3
Measure length of piece to be stretched or framed in inches.
Please comment with any additional notes about your piece. (For example: Any known damage? Any special requirements? Any specific time frame it must be completed by?)


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  • PAINT OUR PLASTER SCULPTURES AT HOME! e-mail us :,and we can set up a craft kit to pick up. They start at $16+Tax and include a plaster sculpture, paints, a brush, and smock/apron. We will deliver if the order is over $100.
  • ZOOM PARTIES AND CLASSES! We understand that you may not be able to attend an in-person class or schedule an in-store party, but we would be happy to include you or your children in a private, online, Zoom Class. Please e-mail us for options. We want to work with you and your needs!
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Photo Framing at the Art Station – Custom Handmade Frames

Photo Framing at the Art Station

Commemorate family and life events by getting a hand-crafted frame!

Photography Framing at the Art Station

If you have treasured family portraits sitting in a drawer, now is the time to come to the Art Station with our custom photo framing! We have hundreds of frame moldings and mats to choose from in our store. Keep your family memories safe and display them in elegant hardwood frames.

Art Station is a Brooklyn-based custom frame shop that has been around for ten years and has been providing high-quality services ever since. One of the many benefits of working with Art Station is that we will frame your photo or artwork to order, meaning you can have what you want, how you want it. They also have in-house expertise and a technician who will work with your timeline to get things done in days without any additional rush fees!

Write us below for a consultation and estimate.

Check all that apply
Selected Value: 3
Measure length of piece to be stretched or framed in inches.
Selected Value: 3
Measure length of piece to be stretched or framed in inches.
Please comment with any additional notes about your piece. (For example: Any known damage? Any special requirements? Any specific time frame it must be completed by?)


Frame Styles from the top manufacturers

We carry mouldings from trusted brands.

Decor Moulding and Supplies

Decor consistently provides outstanding value and an industry-leading selection of the most popular styles and finishes. With over 2000 styles offered, and hundreds of new styles added each year, Decor Moulding has established itself as a “first call” wholesale supplier with picture frame manufacturers and designers.

Roma Moulding

Handcrafted moulding to frame beautiful, remarkable moments with style. Made in Italy, and as eco-conscious as they get.

Larson Juhl

Founded in the late 1800’s, Larson-Juhl has a rich history built on quality & artisanship and is dedicated to providing superior products through unmatched service to our partners around the world.

Studio Moulding

We are proud of our reputation for quality and service to the framing industry.


Come in today for a consultation and estimate!

1303 Ave U.
Brooklyn NY 11229

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Mosaic Picture Frames – Crafty Class – Wednesday 8/26

Mosaic Class



8/26 1:30PM-4PM

CALL 718.645.4545 TO BOOK CLASS


Step by Step on how to paint, apply mosaic tiles, and grout a picture frame.

$50 + tax.

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Frame Your Craft Project at the Art Station

Frame your needlepoint, gem mosaics, and other craft projects!

Nothing can bring your work of art like custom framing from the Art Station on Ave U.

Every project, big or small, deserves the elegant touch of a custom frame. Do you work with cross-stitch? Have you recently finished a puzzle? Did your child bring home a beautiful piece of art from school? Any one of these can become a permanent treasure with a custom, handmade frame for the Art Station!

All frames are made with care in house. We give it to you, ready to hang. No muss, no fuss.

Bring your art and flat crafts to the store today so we can get you an estimate!

Art Station
1303 Ave U
Brooklyn, NY 11229

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Framed Signs at the Art Station – Custom Made

Get your business’s signage framed in a handmade frame from Art Station.

Add a touch of class to your store or business with handcrafted framing.

Convey your brand and make a positive first impression with a beautiful custom frame.

Sales, profits and the number of customers will grow when a business upgrades its signage. A sign is an important part of a business’s identity. Treat that brand with same respect you would treat a treasured photo or fine art! Get it framed with the highest quality workmanship and material available at the Art Station.

We also can mat any object. Circle matting now available as an option in our Frame Department.

For more info about our framing, visit our store in person!

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Stretched Canvases and Framing in Brooklyn

Hand Stretched Canvases and Art

The Art Station will stretch your painting on canvas with care and precision.

stretch art at the art station

Do you have a painting rolled up in the corner of your basesment? Now is the time to stretch that canvas into a memorable and beautiful object at the Art Station!

Your painting may also benefit from some framing. Please check out our Framing Department or give us call with an questions.

If you want to make the art in your collection, it must be taken care of. Leaving art unstretched can lead to cracking in the paint. It can also leave the work more susceptible to accidental damage like spills and tears.

We also have premade stretched canvases for you to purchase if you want to make a painting of your own. If we don’t have it pre-made, we will gladly build you a canvas to your exact specifications.


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Custom Framed Coloring Book Pages

Any piece of art can be custom framed at the Art Station

We will help you with anything you need custom framed! Our frame shop has framed everything from children’s drawings to taxidermy, and even puzzles and blankets.

Throughout the years, we have never turned a client away because of the type of art or size of their project.

In this piece, we made a silver frame with custom, navy blue matting. We’re pretty proud of it!

Custom framed coloring book art station

Do you enjoy coloring adult coloring books or do you have drawings your children made when they were kids? Your beautiful work deserves a place on the wall!

Everyone is an artist and your work needs a home to match the gorgeous colors you are bringing to the world.

Let us know about your project and we will find the perfect frame for you! Art Station can make any of your work look amazing. No job too big or small.  We can help your canvas stretching, needlepoint framing, making your collage pop, or your tapestry sing.

The Art Station will build you a frame that highlights the pieces in the best way possible!

Come in for a consultation today!

We also have a huge stock of adult coloring books with intricate line work and fun patterns. Now, You can make amazing things, too!

Art Station has a lot of other things to explore, too! We are a fully stocked art supply store with two floors of paints, surfaces, and craft materials. We have beginner’s painting classes for all ages every week. Book a party for kids or a party OR a paint night for adults!

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Canvas Stretching Available at the Art Station

We over artisan canvas stretching at reasonable prices.

Have you recently completed a new painting? Did you bring a piece of art back with your from a vacation? We have in-house canvas stretching from our frame shop!

We have decades of experience at the Art Station. Will treat you original canvas paintings and giclee prints with the respect they deserve. If you are an artist or collector, it is important to have your unstretched art assembled on stretcher bars as soon as possible in order the keep the work from being damaged or stored improperly .

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Restoration Services Now Available at the Art Station

Looking for restoration services? Has your frame, artwork, sculpture, or building facades been damaged?

Regardless of the damage involved, we can help you restore your artwork to its former glory.

The Art Station offers professional restoration of paintings, sculpture, household ornamental features, and frames.



restoration of antique frames



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