Toddlers like nothing more than to play around with their favorite person in the world, Mommy. The Art Station helps foster this fun parent-child interaction with wonderful art-related toddler activities that we have in our store for Mommy N' Me.

toddler activities

Mommy N' Me toddler activities explore their Worlds


toddler activites

Toddlers shouldn’t be left out of the creative experience – and how wonderful for a parent to share, helping their little ones develop their creative side! To that end we offer Mommy n' Me, a special craft creation session for kids at any age and Toddler activities.

Mommy n' Me caters to Toddlers  ages 1.5-5. We recommend calling in advance for a Mommy 'n' Me session on Monday through Friday from 10 am-7 pm as Sundays are very busy! You will have a more personal experience during the week. Our space is more open and our instructors are more available! We are closed on Saturday and all holidays.

This session offers an option to our little ones being as tactile as they are. Toddlers love interacting with the world using their hands! With short attention spans they are very stimulated by this new world around them! The atmosphere Mommy n' Me facilitates creates the most fun atmosphere and experience for them.

We want to include a family member to interact with them. Then we offer them various crafts and projects to do together with their family. This encourages both family and toddler to work together and create. When they finish working they walk out with something that can be remembered for the years to come. At Mommy n' Me, we are giving the caregiver the ability to witness their loved one create art while having fun! Ultimately, the Art Station aims to bring art to every individual, no matter what age they are!

toddler activities

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