Look no further planning School trips Camp trips for students or campers to make art

Call today to schedule your school trips camp trips to the Art Station. Having problems with transportation from your school or camp? Not a problem, we will come visit you, with everything for your students or campers to paint. We are proud vendors of the New York City Board of Education and encourage spreading the joy of art and creativity throughout the community. School trips camp trips encourage creative thinking for your kids, and they can freely explore their imagination. Students taking time to paint plaster or canvas allow for self-expression from the kids. Spending time on school trips camp trips making art is an enjoyable escape from daily routines. Additionally we offer painting classes for kids Paint N' Cookies and space for Kids’ Birthday Party.

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Art Station offers great rates for groups. We are now vendors of the Board of Education! Vendor # ART550340

We had a great time! The instructor was patient with the kids and gave detailed instructions. My daughter enjoyed her first paint and cookies class. We will be returning back to the Art Station.

~ Tyshia A.

Regina is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!  She's extremely accommodating, she was extremely inclusive of everyone in the class.  She learned everyone's first name and goes around helping throughout the class.  She is very encouraging and positively affirms all artistic efforts.  She emphasizes that there are no mistakes in art.

~ Mei L.

Pleasant and warm environment. The staff was great they treated us like family! Had so much fun!! Highly recommended can't wait to go back!!

~ Sivan L.

Ready to give an incredible learning experience to your students/ campers ? Contact us today to book your field trip!

Children for your school trips camp trips may pick a plaster from four long shelves with many options to choose from.  Afterwards with extra time kids may participate in dancing, karaoke, and games in our Party room.  The end of the school camp trip session kids will leave with completed works of art to take home and enjoy with the Family.

Trips to our store for painting will be $10-$12 per child, or $12 per child at your location. Plaster painting includes aprons, paints, plaster and brushes.  Instructions are given to paint the plaster such as mixing paints to create colors, fixing mistakes and ways to work on fine details. Each piece is then glazed with a protective gloss, and adding glitter is optional. At the end of the session the pieces are packed up for the kids to take them home that day.

Click here for more information on plaster painting. Come to the store at anytime to paint on plaster, or pick out a piece to take home with you and we will supply you with all that you need to complete the work at home.


Sephardic Community Center Day Camp takes some time to paint with us here at the NY Art Station

school trips camp trips
school trips camp trips
school trips camp trips

Great day today with campers from Urban Martial Arts joining us for a plaster painting trips camp tripsschool trips

The Art Station welcomed The Girl Scouts for a canvas painting party 7/10/2016

school camp trips
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