P.S. 179 Visits the Art Station

Over the past week P.S. 179 brings in multiple classes for plaster painting session.  More to come next week as well, taking part of the school day to relax and paint with us.  Great group of children who were eager to paint and see the end result which they take home at the end of the school day.



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Today November 9th


Multiple classes came to the Art Station for Plaster Painting.  Eager creative children create their own Master Pieces.  At the end of their school day they will all take them home and enjoy the work they did with their Families.  We look forward to a return visit from the school tomorrow with another group of small artist ready to paint.

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Good Shepherd Catholic Academy

Visit the Art Station today for a canvas painting session.

Various grades from the academy share a moment creating their own masterpieces to take homeimg_1206img_1201img_1202img_1207img_1204

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Welcome Fall

No better way to welcome the fall season

than with a fall foliage painting.

Paint n' Cookies

Two eager painters successfully capture

the essence of fall in class this week

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This is the latest Mosaic creation done by Mother and Daughter

at their own leisure.


Great way to spend the day together.

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Paint N’ Cookies This week

Early Sunday morning Paint N’ Cookies kids class


Completed work by the kids showcasing how well they did


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Online Store

Attention all students, teachers, parents, school faculty and staff.  We now have an online store.  Click below on the link

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Campus Campers

Yesterday at the Art Station, Brooklyn College

Campus Campers escape campus life to join us

for a day of painting and creativity.


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SCC Day Camp

Kindergartens from the Sephardic Community Center Day camp

take a moment from their busy schedules to relax and paint with us,

as the summer heat returns.


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YMCA Summer Camp

Happy Campers dive into plaster painting at the NY Art Station.

Field Trip last week for a fun filled day of creative endeavors.



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