Our Special Deal

PERMALBA 25% off

During the week of October 20th to 24th we will be offering 25% off on all Permalba Oil Paints. Supplies are limited to whatever colors we have in stock.

$4.80 now on sale for $3.60
$7.68 now on sale for $5.76
$10.80 now on sale for $8.10

and more saving available…….

15% for all student, teacher and artist.

The Art Station is here for all your artist and creative needs. Come in and check out all of our plasters and on the top floor by the entrance. And make sure to walk farther back to look at all the amazing Art supplies that we have.

And if the first floor isnt enough make sure to check out our lower level with more crafts. Along with all our drawing pads and painting canvases.


Oct 22nd will be our next session. We will be painting

“The Bridge”

Oct. 22nd at 7pm

After Holiday Special, $28 or 2 for $52 for this session ONLY

Please call ahead for reservation 718-645-4545

For More information check out our Paint N’ Relax section.

This weeks painting is bridge

“The bridge

For ages 5-16.

For more details check out our Paint N Cookies section.

After Holiday Special

For October 20th-24th, and October 27- October 30,
we will be offering a Party Room Special.
Any day of the week Monday – Friday.


20% discount on our 1 1/2 hour party usually $20, now $16.

The 2 hour party usually $25, now $20

$2 off all Craft Creations

For the week following the holiday come in any time you want and enjoy a $2 discount on all our craft creation items. All plasters, wood, mosaic, and pre-printed canvases with be available for the discount. Come in do that piece that you always wanted to do.

Now also offering custom beveled mirrors, any sizes.

For all of  October and November…..

……20% off all custom frames/mirrors and 10% off ready made frames…..

…..make sure to take advantage of this special offer.


Art Station Gallery

The Art Station is a place where anyone can come regardless of age or skill level and find their creative self. Art helps children, adults, and seniors reduce their stress level and express their artistic side while getting in touch with their inner feelings. The Art Station is a one-stop place to take advantage of the fun activities
For those who feel that they could never do art or question their creative abilities, there is always a teacher or craft assistant available to answer any questions and give demonstrations.

*Attention!!! All Artist, Students and Teachers 15% off all arts, crafts and school supplies

*Special for all of October and November 20% off all custom frames/mirror and 10% of ready-made.

* Fruit and Vegetable Carving Course – Beginner – New Session starts Monday November 3rd at 7PM sharp, 4week course for $100 plus $50 for tools and booklet, plus tax. Sign up for the new course . Limited space available so please call ahead to register.For more info click here.
Fruit and Vegetable Carving Course – Intermediate
For those who have completed the Beginner course. We are now accepting for our next session. Limited space available so please call ahead to register.For more info click here.

*Paint N’ Relax – will be taking place every Wednesday at 7PM for singles & couples. For groups of 10 or more, you can choose your date, time, and painting. Reservation is a MUST!!. Call us at 718-645-4545

*Paint ‘N” cookies sessions now every – Sunday , Tuesday & Thursday at 5:00 p.m. and Friday at 2:00 p.m. . **Limited seats available, reserve early! PLEASE MAKE RESERVATIONS IN ADVANCE TO GUARANTEE YOUR SEAT. OTHERWISE, THERE IS A CHANCE YOUR CHILD WILL NOT HAVE A SEAT AVAILABLE.

*Craft Creations: Art & School Supplies, Custom Framing, Ready Made Framing, Art Parties for Kids & Adults, Gift Creation and More. Open EVERY day from 10am to 8pm, Friday to 4 pm and closed on Saturday.

!!!ATTENTION ALL SCHOOL AND CAMP ORGANIZERS!!! With the beginning of the new school year it is time to schedule with us. Start by calling ahead to arrange for large group activities. Special rates available.